How to Enable Tip Feature in SQUARE PAYMENT?


How to enable Tip Feature?


Follow the simple step and enable this feature with a great ease.

Step 1 Access the in-app Setting by clicking on it from the pull over button or the down arrow at the top of Square Register.


Step 2 From Settings, select Tipping.

Step 3 Click on the “Collect Tip” button and select between showing your tip options on the signature screen or on a separate screen.


Your customers can select a tip after the payment has processed if you choose to display a Separate Tipping Screen.

Tipping options will be shown on the signature screen, if you opt not to display a Separate Tipping Screen.

The successful transaction may occur in 24 hours.



To enable Tip Import with Pooling and Splitting:


Follow these simple steps :

Step 1  Sign in to the Settings tab of your online Square Payroll dashboards 

Step 2  Toggle Enable Tip Importing on.

Step 3  Select Pool and Split Tips.

Step 4  Select a Pooling Interval:

  • Pay Period: Square Payroll will include all tips collected for the entire pay period and split them based on hours worked per employee.
  • Workday: Square Payroll will include all tips collected for a workday and split them based on the employees who have hours for the day.

Step 5  “Click” Save.

After enabling tip importing, run payroll as usual and click Import Timecards and Tips.

  • Tip amount for each employee will be: 

[(number of hours worked by that employee) / (total number of hours worked by all employees included in the tip pool)] x (total amount of credit card tips received)]




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